Notifications you may receive

There are three types of messages you may receive from us by email. They can be:

  • about your account
  • about your belongings
  • or just to keep you informed

The messages you receive are under your control. You can choose not to receive messages about your belongings. However, there are consequences associated with doing this; which we have outlined below. Additionally, you can opt-into allowing us to keep you informed about this service.

About your account

We will only send you emails that are vital to the operation of your account. You cannot change this setting and if you do not wish to receive these messages you should delete your account and not use this service.

About your belongings - third party messages

This option must be enabled for you to receive messages from someone who finds your property. As this is the whole point of the service we do not envisage this setting being switched off. None the less it is under your control and should be used very carefully.

It is important to note that deciding not to receive messages about your belongings means you will never receive a message sent to you at your tag addresses. We will permanently discard messages sent to each tag you have registered in your account while this notification is set to off. These discarded messages cannot be recovered at any time, it is important to consider this when you select this option.

Keeping you informed

Occasionally we may bring different ways to use the service to your attention. We don’t wish to be a nuisance to you and hope you find this material useful.

Please opt-in to receive these messages, we’d love to keep in contact with you.

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