Quick Response Code

QR Code is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code, see wikipedia link >

It is a machine readable label that stores data that can be read by scanning the image. These images have many uses; we use them in two ways:

Tag information

You will find an Email QR Code on each returnably tag. It contains data that will open an email and pre-populate useful information into a draft email. All ready for it to be sent to the owner of the item attached to the tag. It’s a quick way to get in contact with the items owner purely by scanning the QR Code using a smartphone. Here’s an example…

Example Email QR Code

Website use

We also use Contact Information QR Codes. One can be found here on this website - it contains contact details for returnably. Contact QR Codes are in a vCard format to enable them to be easily added to your list of contacts. The returnably contact QR Code looks like this…

Returnably contact QR Code

Sources: wikipedia

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