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Sometimes tag owners are not contactable!

Please note: we DO NOT have any other means of contacting tag owners other than by you sending emails to the email address on the tag.

Most of the time emailing tag addresses ensures the property’s owner receives your email. However, sometimes it is not possible to forward your message to anyone.

If you have received a message from us, telling you the tag owner could not be reached, you might like to know the reasons why this can happen.

So, here are the reasons why this might be the case:

  • the tag address is not recognised
  • the tag has not been assigned to a users account
  • we know the user for the tag, but they decided not to receive emails about it

It’s worth checking the tag address being used is correct; and where appropriate resend with the corrected address.

If you’ve checked the tag’s address, and it is correct, then the owner cannot be contacted using returnably.

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